Landmark Legal Decisions

    Supreme Court

        Joel W. Price handled, as both the trial and appellate attorney, the landmark case of Linder v. Linder, wherein the Arkansas Supreme Court declared the Grandparental Visitation Act (GPVA) unconstitutional because the GPVA violated a "fit" mother's substantive and procedural due process rights to direct the raising and upbringing of her child, including "associational" choices.

        Subsequently, the Arkansas Legislature passed a new GPVA in an attempt to remedy the Constitutional defects. A few years after Linder v. Linder, a Grandmother and School Teacher from Waldron, Arkansas, contacted Joel W. Price to represent her to obtain Grandparental Visitation. Upon being asked if she were aware that Joel W. Price had been the attorney that had gotten the old GPVA declared unconstitutional, the Grandmother/Teacher replied, "Yes. But I figure if he now argues the new GPVA is Constitutional, the Courts will listen to him." Her Grandmotherly/Teacher's instinct was correct: in the case of Peterson v. Dean, Joel W. Price obtained the Waldron School Teacher Grandparental Visitation and that decision was upheld on appeal.

        Also, the "Sibling Visitation Statute" was deemed constitutionally deficient in another case handled by Joel W. Price. The case is Medlin v. Weiss.

        In the case of Rural Antenna System Inc. v. Transwestern Video (unpublished Oklahoma Supreme Court Opinion), Joel W. Price, co-counsel with the late Doug Sanders of Poteau, Oklahoma, convinced the Court that "exclusive" municipal TV cable franchises were unconstitutional, unless approved by majority vote of the people (not the mayor, council, or board of directors).